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    Cap Swag News

    Mayweather vs McGregor: Who? What? Where? When? Why?

    Mayweather vs McGregor: Who? What? Where? When? Why?


    The fight is set to be held between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. Mayweather is a 40-year-old boxing legend who has a professional record of 49 wins and 0 losses. Floyd Mayweather is a boxer who is known for his patience in the ring, as well as his masterful technicality when taking on different opponents. They call Floyd, Floyd "Money" Mayweather, this has to do with his immense career winnings. As of December 2016, Forbes reported that Floyd Mayweather had a net worth of approximately $340 million.

    Conor McGregor, is a UFC fighter out of Dublin, Ireland who is known for both his showmanship and his ferociousness in the UFC octagon. Conor McGregor is the current Lightweight Champion in the UFC. With a professional UFC record of 21 wins and 3 losses and his lack of experience in the boxing ring. Many are questioning Conor's right to face Floyd in such a huge fight.


    The rules being used in this fight between Mayweather and McGregor will be boxing rules. This is obviously an important factor to consider since Mayweather has lived and breathed his entire life inside of a boxing ring. Conversely, McGregor is an MMA fighter who is used to throwing and receiving a wider variety of attacks including elbows, knees, submissions and more. This fight is not a title fight as Mayweather is coming out of retirement to take on McGregor. It is purely a fight based around hype. While the ticket and pay-per-view sales are projected to exceed massive amounts and Mayweather is certainly happy about that, he still runs the risk of tarnishing his perfect record.



    The fight is being held in Las Vegas.


    The fight is being held on August 26th, 2017. 



    Who do you think is going to win? Leave a comment below with your prediction!

    5 Custom Philly-Inspired Tees Every Philadelphian Can't Live Without

    5 Custom Philly-Inspired Tees Every Philadelphian Can't Live Without

    Philadelphia Tee Shirts are a staple of any die hard Philadelphians wardrobe. We're counting down the top 5 custom made shirts Philadelphia has to offer. As a Philadelphia t shirt company, we know all about custom Philly-inspired tees. Check out these 5 Philly T's to find out what you've been missing in the world of custom Philadelphia T-Shirts.

    5. Allen Iverson Practice T-Shirt

    Who can forget this iconic moment in Philadelphia 76ers history when Allen Iverson reacted to a reporter's question about him missing team practices. This moment can now be embedded in history with a custom Iverson Practice Philly-Inspired T-Shirt.

    4. B Dawk Tackle Custom Philadelphia Inspired T-Shirt

    Every Eagles fan remembers this brutal tackle by Brian Dawkins when he flew in the air in this phenomenal NFL play. The Brian Dawkins B Dawk Custom Philly Tee highlights this moment in NFL history.

    3. Philadelphia 76ers Spectrum Custom Philly Tee Shirt

    This custom Philadelphia tee is a piece of custom Philly clothing that looks back at the Philadelphia Spectrum which was an old indoor arena used for Philadelphia sports. This is a great choice if you're trying to show how much you know about Philadelphia sports history with a custom Philly tshirt.

    2. The Allen Iverson Step Over Shirt

    One of the most iconic moments in Philadelphia 76ers basketball was during the NBA Finals when Allen Iverson Stepped Over Tyronn Lue. This shirt remembers that moment with a photograph of Iverson mid-step and Lue sitting on the floor.

    1. Trust The Process Shirt

    Finally, the most popular Philadelphia inspired t-shirt right now is the red and white Trust the Process shirt which highlights the current slogan for the Philadelphia 76ers. After multiple seasons of consistently poor performance, this slogan is meant to restore faith in the Philadelphia Sixers fans as the "process" includes the current losses and is just part of the plan.

    What did you think of this list? Which shirt is your favorite?

    Leave a comment below!

    Mitchell and Ness Swingman VS Authentic NBA Jersey Comparisson

    In this video, Mohammed compares two Mitchell and Ness jerseys, the Mitchell and Ness Swingman Allen Iverson jersey, and the Mitchell and Ness Authentic NBA Jersey for Allen Iverson. 

    Mohammed covers some of the things you want to keep in mind when shopping for either an NBA authentic jersey or a swingman jersey, and things to consider in terms of price.

    Both of these jerseys are quality products from Mitchell & Ness. However, there are some differences that are worth mentioning like the material used, cut, and detail.

    Hopefully, the knowledge in this video will give you some insight about the NBA New Swingman Jersey Comparison and may help you identify Fake Mitchell & Ness Jerseys since the details mentioned in this video will help you distinguish them.

    3 Quick Tips For Keeping Your Hats Fresh and Clean

    3 Quick Tips For Keeping Your Hats Fresh and Clean

    Having a diverse dad hat, snapback, and fitted cap collection is great.

    Organizing and displaying your favorite hats in your room, house, or apartment is great.

    But what happens when that favorite cap goes through days, months, and years of wear and tear?

    Suddenly that fresh cap is nothing but a memory and all that is left is a shell of a cap that is now borderline wearable and nothing like it used to be.

    If you've been to one of our Cap Swag stores, then it is possible you may have heard our staff discussing this topic with one of our customers in the past because it is by far one of the most common things that we, as Cap Swag employees, get asked.

    How do I clean my hat? Can I put my hat in the washer? 

    I've even had people tell me that they put their hat in the dish washer.

    So, because of all this, I've decided to compile my top 3 tips for keeping your hat looking and fresh and clean.


    Most people think that the hats in our store look so fresh and crisp because of the Cap Swag magic touch.

    The truth is, that our dedicated employees go through a rigorous process of brushing the many hats and caps in our stores every single day.

    Hats are made up of material and material has fibers that can not only stand up over time but also have been known to trapping dirt, debris, and other particles in between them.

    Brushing your hat in one direction helps remove the unwanted particles and also lay down the fibers of the hat, giving it a better looking and newer appearance.

    Doesn't matter if it's a tooth brush or one of the New Era Cap Brushes available on our store. Don't forget to brush!

    Would you throw a $2,000 Italian suit in your sock drawer? Probably not...

    At least I would really hope not. If you buy a $2,000 Italian suit why would you throw it in your sock drawer?

    Most likely you would buy a nice suit casing that would keep your suit looking brand new and clean. 

    The same principle applies to hats, if you're spending $20 - $30 on a premium quality hat regularly, then why not also invest in a solution to store and protect your favorite dad hatsnapback, and fitted cap?

    For home use, a New Era Cap Storage System is perfect because it lets you organize and display your caps with the use of a common household hanger. The storage systems are great because you can put up around 24 hats on it and visibly see what hats are on the rack. This makes it easy to access them but also protects them from getting dirty since your hats now have their own dedicated rack in your closet.


    If you're a person that travels a lot, another great solution is one of the Cap Carrying packs that we also have available online. These are great because they have built in reinforced lining that protects from impact, which can occur a lot when you're traveling.

    I know some people that also use these for storage in their house, but the main function is to protect your hats through travel.

    Like I mentioned before, some people use their dish washer to clean their hats.

    While it may be easier to use an automatic method of cleaning your caps, you run the risk of not only deforming the cap but you also don't obtain the maximum effective cleanliness possible.

    We don't hand wash our clothes anymore, mainly due to lack of time. But the best way to get stuff clean is to wash it by hand. 

    Same idea can be applied when washing dishes. Taking the time to scrub each dish is better than putting it in the machine and dousing it in water and soap.

    One of the best cap cleaning kits available on the market is the New Era Capology Kit.

    This kit contains everything you need to clean and PRESERVE your headwear.

    If you're tryna to acquire a clean without breaking the bank, it's also possible to use a tooth brush and dish soap to scrub out stains. However, the issue with that method is once you expose the cap to water it can deform the brim and crown of the cap.


    You've read my top 3 tips for keeping your caps and hats clean. Now it's time to use them!

    The first step?

    Leave a comment to let me know which technique you're going to try first.

    Are you going to invest in some cap cleaning tools?

    Or, are you going to try the inexpensive method?

    Either way, leave a quick comment below right now.