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        2022 Batting Practice MLB Spring Training 9Twenty Ball Caps

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        What Is Spring Training?

        MLB 2022 Spring Training, or any Spring Training, is a period prior to the regular baseball season in which Major League Baseball teams prepare for the upcoming season through practice and exhibition games either in Florida or Arizona. Spring Training always comes before the regular season and typically New Era and the MLB will come out with a line of MLB Spring Training Hats specifically designed as on-field gear for the pro-MLB players.

        When are 2022 MLB Spring Training Caps Coming?

        While the MLB season was held up this year due to pay negotiations revolving around Minor League Players not earning enough, the 2022 MLB Spring Training  Hats are now officially available. This collection of 2022 Batting Practice Hats comes to us from the New Era Batting Practice Hat collection. Every hat in this collection is an official onfield batting practice hat that are season being worn during 2022 MLB Spring Training.

        What Is Batting Practice?

        Batting practice refers to the tradition of practicing batting in a batting cage, New Era also uses it to refer to a specific design style for headwear, in this case, Batting Practice alludes to the onfield spring training headwear worn by various MLB teams during Spring Training.

        Are these official On-Field Caps?

        All the 9Twenty trucker hats in this collection are official on field headwear from New Era, and the MLB meaning the players wear them on the baseball diamond.