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    Air Max Plus Sunburst Matching Sneaker Clothing | Sneaker Outfits to Match Sunburst Air Max Plus

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    About The Shoe:

    The Nike Air Max Plus Sunburst is a unique sneaker with a warm retro color palette that pays tribute to some iconic throwback Nike Swoosh logos. Featured on this Air Max, is the Swoosh Sunburst logo which consists of multiple multi-colored Swoosh logos arranged in a circle, similar to sun rays. For this reason, the iconic circular logo was called the Sunburst. The initial inspiration behind the Nike Swoosh Sunburst logo was to create symmetry to the traditionally asymmetric Swoosh. If you’re a sneakerhead, then this piece of Nike history should definitely be in your closet.

    About The Collection: 

    When creating the sneaker-matching clothing line-up for the Nike Air Max Plus Sunburst, we wanted to highlight the vibe given off by both the color palette of the shoe as well as the word Sunburst. When we read the word Sunburst, we envision two things, warm colors (and things associated with warm colors) and also, more obviously, the sun. For this capsule, we integrated iconic imagery associated with warm weather, the warm color spectrum, and the sun. We hope you’ll find this Sneaker Hook Up collection for the Nike Air Max Plus Sunburst ties in with the theme of the shoe while also perfectly pairing with your kicks.