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    Backwoods Clothing | Custom Backwoods Flavors Hats

    Backwoods Clothing | Custom Backwoods Flavors Hats
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    Are backwoods your rolling paper of choice? If your a diehard backwoods smoker then this line up of backwoods clothing is perfect for you. The backwoods cigars are so iconic, if you're into rolling up and smoking then you need a backwoods custom hat in your collection.  Rock a custom backwoods blunt dad hat while you're rollin' to show your support for the backwoods brand and to let everybody know that you only smoke backwoods. If you're wondering: "why are backwoods good?" The reason is the wide assortment of flavors that they have available for sale. The amount of backwoods flavors and the variety of backwoods blunt flavors is actually remarkable. From backwoods Russian cream and backwoods banana to backwoods honey bourbon cigars, the great selection of backwoods flavors is what keeps backwoods smokers so in love with the backwoods rolling paper company.