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        Baseball Vacation Wear Collection | Hawaiian Vacation Wear | Official MLB Hawaiian Wear

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        What is baseball vacation wear?

        Simply it’s authentic Hawaiian shirts and vintage Hawaiian straw hats that are made to go onto the beach or on a vacation. The MLB official vacation wear is made of ultra soft and cooling materials that help with the hot summer sun. The authentic baseball aloha shirts not only feel great but look great with hand-drawn patterns that match the under visor of the official MLB lifeguard straw hat. The Hawaiian aloha scenic set isn’t the only amazing set to come out of the MLB baseball vacation wear. The traditional Hawaiian polo shirts also pair well with the official MLB baseball bucket hats. By itself or in a set the MLB vacation wear is great to wear on any vacation.

        Is all baseball vacation wear official MLB merchandise?

        Yes, all baseball vacation wear in this collection is genuine MLB merchandise. The designer aloha shirts even have laser engraved custom wooded buttons in the shape of baseballs! Either the official MLB performance polo shirts or the Traditional vintage Hawaiian button-up both have MLB baseball patterns mixed with classic Hawaiian prints. Now don’t forget about the classic Hawaiian straw life guards hat which is also an official MLB baseball straw hat. The baseball vacation wear collection is full of official MLB merchandise for any baseball fan.

        What material is the baseball vacation wear made of?

        The MLB baseball vacation wear is made of a variety of materials depending on what item you are buying. The MLB aloha shirts are made of 100 percent cotton that feels cool and breathable which makes heat disappear even during the hot summer days. The MLB performance golf shirts are made of 92 percent polyester and 8 percent spandex which has moisture-wicking and quick-dry technology. The performance golf shirt has UPF 30 which will protect your skin from those rough extra sunny days. The vintage MLB Hawaiian straw hats are made of 100 percent straw that keeps your head cool and a 100 percent polyester uv that keeps the sun away from your face. The materials used are lightweight, soft, and cool which makes your beach trips even better.

        Is the Baseball vacation wear only for beaches.

        No, the official baseball vacation wear is suited for beaches, but that doesn't mean that you have to only wear the official baseball polos or baseball straw hats at the beach. The official MLB baseball vacation wear is made to make any hot summer day into a nice summer breeze. The performance Hawaiian polo shirts are also made with a quick-dry and moisture-wicking material that turns any hot, sweaty day into a cool one. Now it doesn’t have to be hot or even warm to wear the MLB Hawaiian vacation wear as this collection is filled with stylish apparel to that can be worn any time of the year.