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    Broad Street Bullies  | Broad Street Bullies Script

    Broad Street Bullies | Broad Street Bullies Script

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    Led by Bobby Clarke and Bernie Parent the Flyers got the infamous nickname, The Broad Street Bullies. The Bullies were a staple of 70's hockey with their ruthless fighting and non stop aggressiveness. With the way that they played, teams never wanted to play them in fear of getting injured. Nowadays, this kind of play would never be allowed but boy would that be fun to watch. With these Broad Street Bullies items, you can feel like you are back in the 70's and being back to back champions like the Bullies were. Even if you are too young too remember Bobby Clarke raising that Stanley Cup or Bernie Parent making crazy saves, you can feel like you remember with this Bullies collection. This is this perfect item to wear to your next Flyers game to show off your true love for your team. Some of the items included are a t-shirt, a hoodie, and crewneck. Also available is a black canvas to hang up in your man cave. Shop now to get you own Broad Street Bullies Black T-Shirt Today!