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        Championship Rings Grey Bottom All Over Side Patch 59Fifty Fitted Caps

        Championship Rings Grey Bottom All Over Side Patch 59Fifty Fitted Caps

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        What are the Championship Ring Hats?

        This Championship Ring Collection is the way New Era is showing their respect to teams across all sports that have won a championship. With teams like the Phillies, Lakers, and Eagles, you are guaranteed to find a team that you love inside of this collection. There are a wide variety of patches on these Grey Bottom Fitteds, such as World Series Patches, Logo Patches, and even championship years patches. These 5950 Fitteds are definitely going to be one of the coolest in your collection, so shop now!

        Are Only Baseball Fitteds in this Collection?

        No! Nowadays, all types of sports teams are getting fitted caps. In this collection, we have teams from baseball, football, and baseball. Every sports hat is a little different then the other, such as the NBA Fitted Caps having the years that the team has won the championship. Whereas the baseball fitteds and football fitteds have the logo from the Super Bowl or World Series when that team won. Every hat has current and throwback logos from the team’s history, going back all the way to the 1960s!

        With this Championship Ring Fitted Cap collection we have leveled up your side patch game from just baseball fitted to now NBA and NFL Grey Bottoms. So now fans of all three sports can enjoy a fitted on their head. Enjoy our brand new 59Fifty Side Patch Grey Bottom Fitted collection today!