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    Fitted Cap

    Fitted Cap
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    Shop fitted hats, fitted caps, 59fifty custom hats, and exclusive fitted cap. Fitted hats are a classic piece for any hat enthusiasts closets. If you're thinking fitted cap vs snapback, one thing you need to consider is that fitted caps are not adjustable like snapback hats are. Fitted caps come in a variety of sizes for different head sizes. While they have structured crowns and flat brims like snapbacks do, they fit slightly differently because they are fitted. If you're interested in finding more about fitted hats sizes, then check out our size chart. Our selection of custom fitted hats and 59fifty new era fitted caps is great because a lot of the New Era fitted caps available on our online store are exclusive 5950 New Era fitteds that are exclusively fitted caps. Shop the entire variety of custom made fitted caps from New Era. Shop our fitted hat collection for a great variety of fitteds from our New Era 59fifty official website.