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    Gritari Gear | Gritari Collection

    Gritari Gear | Gritari Collection

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    Gritty is the newest member of Philly mascots and he is surely loved like he has been here forever. At first, when everyone saw Gritty, no one was happy about the mascot and they were creeped out by him. Now that he has been around for a little bit, he has turned into one of the most loved mascots in sports. Being a big orange monster, who is very goofy and crazy, he is hard not to love. Gritty has now reached the same tier as the Phanatic in mascot terms. This Gritari Black Collection takes inspiration from the old console The Atari and combines Gritty and Atari. This Gritari Black Tee Shirt has the perfect gear for someone that love mascots and old videogames. Some items in this collection are t-shirts and hoodies. Shop now to get your own Gritari Gear for your retro hockey collection today!