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    Jawn Wawa Collection | Wawa Jawn Collection

    Jawn Wawa Collection | Wawa Jawn Collection

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    There is something that the Philadelphia area has that no one else does in the world, that is the national treasure of WaWa. People that are not from around here will never understand how great Wawa is, everything you need right in one spot, you can not get any better than that. With this Jawn Wawa Collection, you can have everything that Philly is. Instead of the name Wawa, on here is the slang word from Philly Jawn, which means anything you want it to. A lot of times in Philly Wawa is referred to as the Jawn where you get milk from, so this Jawn Wawa Gear is very fitting. Anyone from the Philadelphia area will truly love and appreciate this Wawa Jawn Collection. This is the perfect gear to wear around Philly to show off your love for the City of Philadelphia and Wawa. Some items included in this collection are a t-shirt, a hoodie, and a canvas. Shop now to get your own Jawn Wawa Gear to add to your Philly Collection!