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    Kelce Breakfast Collection | Jason Kelce Breakfast Collection

    Kelce Breakfast Collection | Jason Kelce Breakfast Collection

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    During Jason Kelce's epic Superbowl speech, he mentioned that if he doesn't eat breakfast, he gets very mad. This Jason Kelce Breakfast Orange T-Shirt has taken inspiration from his speech and the real Wheaties. Athletes are always on the Wheaties box, so why can't Jason Kelce in his mummer costume. With this Orange Kelce Collection, Jason Kelce is really looking forward to his breakfast so he starts screaming at the top of his lungs. This Kelce Orange Breakfast Collection is perfect for someone who is a fan of Jason Kelce and his Superbowl parade speech. This Jason Kelce Orange Collection shows how big of an impact that his speech had on the entire city of Philadelphia. Some items included in this collection are a t-shirt, a hoodie, and a canvas. Shop now to get your own Jason Kelce Breakfast Orange Gear for your Philly collection today!