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    Kelce Mona Lisa Collection | Jason Kelce Mummer Mona Lisa Collection

    Kelce Mona Lisa Collection | Jason Kelce Mummer Mona Lisa Collection

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    Any true Eagles fan remembers one of the most epic moments in Eagles history, which is the epic Jason Kelce Parade Speech. Well this Jason Kecle Mummer Mona Lisa Collection is the perfect way to keep that iconic moment close with you. Captured on different kinds of gear, is Jason Kelce in a mummer outfit in the iconic Mona Lisa pose that truly gives the true perspective on how epic this moment was. Kelce yelling on those Art Museum steps and giving the most legendary moment in Philly sports is a moment that could top Rocky running up those same steps for being the most iconic thing to happen in Philly. The classic line No One Likes Us We Don't Care stems from this day and it carries over to this Jason Kelce Collection. The little smirk on Kelce's face gives a little feeling of I don't care what you think about me, which was the whole meaning of that year. The multiple layers of colors and details in this Jason Kelce Mummer Mona Lisa Gear are what puts it over the top. Some of the items included in this collection are a shirt, a hoodie, and a canvas. Shop now for your own Jason Kelce Mummer Mona Lisa Gear to add to your Eagles collection to put it over the top!