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    Locust Street Collection | Locust Street Gear Collection

    Locust Street Collection | Locust Street Gear Collection

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    In Philly, Locust Street is one of the more major streets in the entire city. On this street, there are many famous places such as Rittenhouse Square and the Academy of Music, but the most famous place on this street is the gay pride section. If you go all the way down to 13th and Locust, you will see the world famous Rainbow Crosswalk. This Rainbow Crosswalk is very well known throughout the entire world andwas painted for the 50th anniversary of the first LGBTQ+ rights demonstrations. This Locust Street Collection has the perfect gear for someone who loves to go to Rittenhouse Square or for someone who lives on Locust Street.  Anyone who is from Philly will immediately love this Locust Street Collection for its relevance to the city. Some of the items in this collection are a t-shirt and a hoodie. Shop now to get your very own Locust Street Gear to show your love for Philly today!