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        Men's Cargo Pants | 6 Pocket Men's Cargo Pants | Men's Combat Pants

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        Sneaker Matching

        All of the Cargo 6 Pocket Pants  in this collection are all made to match different types of sneakers. From shoes like Jordans to Yeezys. You can match tons of sneakers to any of the clothing items in this collection and your fit will be brought to the next level. Sneaker Matching is a huge part in the creation of this collection and the clothing items do not disappoint.

        The Perfect Material and Details

        These Cargo Combat Pants have many details that can be missed by just looking at the pictures. To start off, the Six Pocket cargo Pants have pockets all over. To be exact, there are 7 different pockets on all of the sides of these cargo shorts. You have two pockets on the front, two button pockets on the sides, and two more button pockets on the back. These Cargo Pants also have a bonus pocket on the wearer's right thigh. The classic style on these Cargo pants brings a great classic look that anyone will love to match with any sneaker of their choice.

        Shop now to get your very own Men's Cargo Six Pocket Combat Pants To Match Sneakers!