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    Mickey's Gym Collection | Mickey's Gym Retro Collection

    Mickey's Gym Collection | Mickey's Gym Retro Collection

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    Rocky is one of the most iconic sports figures, even though he is fictional. The Gym where Rocky trained is just as famous as him and that gym is called Mickey's Gym. In 1976, Rocky started training in this gym and ended up being one of the greatest fighters ever. With this Mickey's Gym Collection, you can feel like you trained at Mickey's Gym just as Rocky did. Mickey tought Rocky everything he knew and would not have gotten where he did without him. These Mickey's Gym Items will make you feel like Mickey is your inspiration and your driving force. This  Mickeys Gym Collection is perfect for anyone that loves Mickey, Rocky, and the City of Philadephia. Some of the items included in this collection are t-shirts and hoodie. You can also purchase a canvas to hang in your man cave. Shop now to get your own Mickey's Gym item in this collection today!