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    NBA Green Bottom High Crown Snapback Hats | High Crown 950 Snapback Hats | Green Brim Hats

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    One cannot grasp how dope these retro high crown snapback hats are. For all the NBA teams and their fans, these green bottom hats are a must have because of the attractive, practical, and comfortable design and structure of these 9fifty snapback hats.

    9fifty Snapback Hats

    The 9fifty snapback hat is a classic, adjustable cap by New Era. It's a structured cap with a flat visor, that has the ability to curve as well. The 9fifty snapback hat has a full crown and 6 panels. The back panels are opened up to allow for an adjustable plastic strap (a Snapback), which makes these dope hats OSFM (One Size Fits Most) as well.

    High Crown Snapback Hats

    A 950 high crown snapback hat has a taller, more squared peak as compared to a low crown hat which is not as steep of an angle. However, the high crown caps are popular among the stylish casual crowd because of their unique and dope look.

    Green Bottom 9fifty Hats

    The point of having a green bottom of these dope 9fifty snapback hats is to reduce any glare that is reflected off the underside of the cap as you look around, up at the sky, or following the path of a ball. A green bottom snapback cap, is the ideal hat to own while out on a bright and sunny day, ensuring you're not blinded by the sunlight while out with your friends. Besides that, there is no second thought to the fact that this green brim looks super dope as well.

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