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        All Over Paisley Bandana 59Fifty Fitted Caps | Bandana Patch Grey Bottom Fitted Hat

        All Over Paisley Bandana 59Fifty Fitted Caps | Bandana Patch Grey Bottom Fitted Hat

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        Add some retro flair to your headwear collection with the MLB Paisley Elements drop from New Era. This collection of New Era Paisley hats is a premium bandana fitted cap collection that features high quality embroidered paisley bandana pattern on the front of the crown. Whether you want to show love for your team your represent your neighborhood, the retro gray bottom fitted in this collection are a solid choice.

        What makes these hats special?

        These hats are another drop from New Era in their wide array of exclusive fitted hats. The most interesting thing about these all over patch fitted is that the bandana fitted caps in this selection have paisley bandana print wrapping all around the front four panels of the hats. This wrap-around bandana embroidery is a key characteristic of the paisley elements New Era collection.

        What's up with the under brim?

        The under visor on the New Era Paisley Elements Hats are all retro gray under brims. The gray bottom is a symbol of vintage throwback headwear and is a reference to the 90s when gray bottoms and bandana pattern was very popular. Combining both the gray bottom and the retro paisley pattern makes the two go together seamlessly.

        ´╗┐Where did Paisley come from?

        Paisley pattern, also referred to as bandana print, initially originated in ancient Persia and then became very popular in the American west. As mentioned earlier, like the gray bottom under brim, the paisley pattern was very popular in the 1990s.