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    Philagonia City Skyline | Philagonia City View

    Philagonia City Skyline | Philagonia City View

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    Coming acroos the Walt Whitman Bridge, what is the first thing you notice? Well, if you look to your right, you see the legendary Philadelphia skyline that everyone knows and loves. With William Penn on top of City Hall, the Comcast building, and the Liberty Place Buildings, nothing gets better then that. Now, with these Philagonia items, you can have that skyline on you whenever you want. Having one of the Philagonia Skyline items, will show your true passion and love for the city of brotherly love. This Philadelphia Skyline items are great items to wear while you are strolling in love park or even riding the L train aound the city. Wearing the City of Brotherly Love items will make you feel like Rocky running up those Art Museam steps, or that you are Jason Kelce giving the most epic speech of all time. This Philly City View is even the perfect item to wear to your next philly sports game, to rep your city even more. Some of the options include a t-shirt and a hoodie. Also  included is a white and black canvas.  Shop now to add an epic Philagonia Skyline item to you wardrobe today!