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        Philly Baseball Canvases | Philadelphia Baseball Inspired Art

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        Being from Philly means more than just being from Philly, it's a lifestyle. If you are from Philly, you know there is nothing better than sitting at the ballpark eating a nice hot cheesesteak. Watching your favorite baseball team play and win, is the best feeling in the world. With this Philly Baseball Collection, you can get that retro feel of the Vet or Connie Mack right on your man cave wall. Remembering the good old days of Philly baseball is half the fun, actually having a piece of that vintage feel brings it all together. With this Philadelphia Baseball Collection, you can grab a kelly green Vet canvas, a marron Vet canvas, and even a Connie Mack Canvas! These are the perfect pieces to put on your man cave wall to remember those old days. Shop now to get your own Philadelphia Baseball Inspired Canvas today!