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        Philly Basketball Gear | Philadelphia Basketball Inspired Gear

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        Being a Philly basketball fan has not always been easy, especially during those process years. All of that is well worth the wait if Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons become as good as they are supposed to. If we look back on the old days tho, we have players like Allen Iverson, Dr. J, and Charles Barkley who are all a huge part of our history. With this Philly Basketball Gear Collection, you can get that retro feel of Philadelphia Basketball in your clothing. Allen Iverson, being one of Philly Basketball's greatest players of all time, this Six Foot Guard From Georgetown Gear is bound to make Philly Basketball fans happy. This is the perfect canvas to hang up in your Philly Sports Man Cave. Shop now in our Philadelphia Basketball Art Collection to get your own Philly Basketball Canvas to hang up in your own man cave today!