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        Philly Hockey Canvases | Philadelphia Hockey Inspired Art

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        If you are from Philly, you know that Philly is a really tough city, that you don't give anyone direct eye contact, or there might be trouble. Well, that is exactly how the NHL felt about the Broad Street Bullies back in the 1970s. The Broad Street Bullies were the toughest team in hockey and that perfectly describes the bullies. With this Philadelphia Hockey Collection, you can get that Broad Street BulliesĀ Canvas and hang it up right in your man cave. The captain of the Broad Street Bullies was none other than Bobby Clarke. Clarke was the roughest one on the team and never let up during a fight. With his willingness to fit, he led the bullies to back to back Stanley Cups in 1974 and 1975. With the Bobby Clarke Class Photo Canvas that we have on here, you can get this classic Bobby Clarke picture right in your man cave. Shop now to get your own Philadelphia Hockey Inspired Art to hang up in your man cave today!