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    Philly Last Supper  | Philadelphia Foles Last Supper

    Philly Last Supper | Philadelphia Foles Last Supper

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    Nick Foles in Philly culture, is on the same level as rocky now, if not higher. In this depection of The Last Supper, Nick Foles is presented as Jesus having his last meal with the Eagles. To Nick's right you have Carson Wentz, who is plotting with Jason Kelce to get Nick Foles out of the city so Carson can play. With this Philly Last Supper collection, you can show your love for Nick Foles and the Philadelphia Eagles. Having an item from this Foles Last Supper collection, will show how much you love Nick Foles and how passionate you are about him. This Philadelphia Last Supper is a perfect representation of the Eagles when Nick Foles and Carson were on the same team. This Eagles Last Supper is obviously insired by Leonardo Da Vinci's The Last Supper, a painting showing Jesus's Last Supper with his twelve apostles. Some items in this collection include a t-shirt and a hoodie. You can also het the philly last supper canvas to hang up in your philly sports man cave. Shop now to get your very own Philadelphia Nick Foles Last Supper Black T-Shirt today!