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    Philly Mount Rushmore  | Philadelphia Legends Mount Rushmore

    Philly Mount Rushmore | Philadelphia Legends Mount Rushmore

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    Allen Iverson, Rocky Balboa, Nick Foles, and Bobby Clarke, four of the most iconic Philly Sports figures ever. From basketball to the big screen, no on is bigger in philly then these four. Any Philly fanatic would love to have these Philly Mount Rushmore  items as a part of there wardrobe. With multiple championships withing this group of four, you can not get much better then these guys. Allen Iverson represents the Philadelphia 76ers for his speed and quickness on the court. Rocky Balboa, with his heart and passion, no one can take him down, not even Drago. Nick Foles, maybe the most iconic member of the group, brining the Eagles their first ever championship. Finally, Bobby Clarke, a part of the Flyers back to back championships aand the Broad Street Bullies. This Philly Mount Rushmore collection represents everything that the city of Philadelphia is. With some items included being a t-shirt, a hoodie, and a long sleeve you a bound to find something that you love. Also included is a canvas to hang up in your man cave. Shop now to get your very own Philadelphia Mount Rushmore Item today!