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    Philly Periodic Table | Philadelphia Periodic Table

    Philly Periodic Table | Philadelphia Periodic Table

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    Philadelphia is one of the most historic places in the enire country, so of course the amount of iconinc moments, people, places, and things are out of this world. With this Philadelphia Periodic Table Bcollection, you can see what those iconics things are anytime you want. Designed like the actual Periodic table, this table shows everything that makes Phily what it is. From The Philly Phanatic to Boyz II Men, anything iconic from philly is on here. This Philly Element Chart collection are perfect items for someone that loves the history and the city of Philadelphia. One of the sections in this Philly Periodic Table Black T-Shirt is the Athletes section. Replacing the Alkali Metals, some of the athletes include Iverson, Wentz, and Jason Kelce to make this section great. This Philly Element table is a great item to get as a gift for someone who loves science and Philly. Some of the items included are a t-shirt and a hoodie. You can also get a canvas version to hang up in your man cave. Shop now to get an item from this Philadelphia Periodic Table collection.