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    Shibe Park Retro Collection | Shibe Park Vintage Collection

    Shibe Park Retro Collection | Shibe Park Vintage Collection

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    Shibe Park, later known as Connie Mack Stadium, was built in 1909, first home to the Philadelphia Athletics. The Philadelphia Phillies did not join them in the stadium until 1938 after leaving the Baker Bowl. Shibe park got its name from the Athletics owner at the time, Benjamin Franklin Shibe. Shibe Park then changed its name to Connie Mack Stadium in 1953 after the Athletics legendary manager Connie Mack, who was their manager for 50 years. This Shibe Park collection is the perfect place for anyone who loves the history of baseball and the Phillies. This Shibe Park Retro collection will bring back the memories of the old stadium for whoever was lucky enough to attend this legendary stadium. Some items in this collection include a t-shirt, a pullover hoodie, and a canvas. Shop now in this Vintage Shibe Park Collection to bring your retro baseball collection to the next level!