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    Sneaker Deodorizer Balls | Shoe Odor Balls | Shoe Smell Balls

    Sneaker Deodorizer Balls | Shoe Odor Balls | Shoe Smell Balls

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    Remove any foul smells coming from your favorite pair of sneakers with the best shoe deodorizer around. These shoe odor balls, twist open, and go right in your sneakers, eliminating any bad smells coming from a recent second-hand purchase, or just a pair of sneakers that you've got plenty of wear out of. The best part about the sneaker deodorizer balls found in this collection is that these shoe smell balls actually contain a powerful sneaker deodorizer inside of them. What this means, is the substance found inside makes them act like odor eaters for shoes by completely eliminating any bad odor. The deodorant balls for shoes also feature a pleasant, fresh, scent that gives your sneakers a great smell. Whether you're looking for a way to get smell out of shoes because you've worn a pair for a long time and let's be honest, we're all human, or you need some shoe odor remover because you just copped a pair from somebody else, these sneaker balls will be sure to remove any old odors, while adding a fresh pleasant scent.