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    St. Patrick's Day Hoodie

    St. Patrick's Day Hoodie

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    Top 10 Reasons Why You Need a St. Patrick's Day Hoodie.

    1. The material is super thick so if you spill beer on it, you will stay remain dry on the inside.
    2. It'll keep you warm from the colder March weather so you don't get sick while you're showing your Irish Pride and enjoying the Irish festivities.
    3. You can wear it when it's not St. Patrick's Day. Picture this: You wake up on a random October day and have nothing to wear because you skipped laundry day. You frantically search in your closet for something to put on. When suddenly, there it is. A glimmering green beacon of hope, your St. Patrick's Day hoodie that you bought from You smile and remember the day you bought it from our great website. You're so happy that you send an email to thanking me for spending too much company-time writing this category description. You wear it and everyone compliments you on the amazing St. Patrick's Day hoodie you've been wearing.
    4. Green is a cool color.
    5. Our St. Patrick's Day drinking hoodies (and all our St. Patrick's Day clothing) features premium materials and a premium printing process that allows the design to not be washed out for 100s of washes.
    6. Hoodies are a form of currency in some states.
    7. If you made it this far in the list, I feel like you already know in your gut that you need one.
    8. You're Irish and proud.
    9. You're not Irish but wish you were.
    10. You enjoy flaunting around in novelty clothing.