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    Streetwear Pins | Custom Enamel Pins | Philly Inspired Pins

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    If you love collecting pins, then this collection is for you. With pins ranging from Philly inspired to Capswag related pins, we for sure have the pin for you. These glossy streetwear pins were custom made for our company Capswag so you can not get these any where else. These Custom Enamel pins are very detailed with a glossy shine to them that gives them a great look on any type of clothing. Some of the Philly Inspired City Pins include an ILL pin, a Jason Kelce Mummer Mona Lisa, and the Super Bowl 52 Score Board. Some of the pins for capswag include the Albert Einstein Capswag Logo and The Foot Clan Bonsai tree logo. Shop now to add any of these Streetwear Pins to your already great pin collection.
    • Custom Enamel Pin
    • Capswag
    • Foot Clan
    • Philly Inspired
    • Glossy