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    Talking Bout Process Gear | We Talking Bout Process Collection

    Talking Bout Process Gear | We Talking Bout Process Collection

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    Trust The Process. This phrase is one that all Sixers fans have been hearing for years. Since the beginning of the process, this slogan has become what the Sixers are. This phrase describes how the Sixers went through their rebuild. The team was purposely bad and they told all of their fans to " Trust the Process."  Nowadays, this phrase is the nickname of the Sixers center Joel Embiid. He is now known as Joel "The Process" Embiid. With the two biggest players from the process being Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons, everyone hopes those two can lead us to multiple championships. On the We Talking Bout Process Gear, you have the words We Talking Bout Process with Sam Hinkie's face next to it. Sam Hankie was the general manager of the 76ers during the process years, people call him the father of the process. This We Talking Bout Process Collection is one that every Sixers fan is bound to love because of its relevance to the team. This We Talking Bout Process Collection has the perfect gear to wear to your next Sixers game or maybe just around Philly to show pride for your team. Some of the items included in this collection are t-shirts, hoodies, and a canvas. Shop now to get your own We Talking Bout Process Gear to add to your Philly collection today!