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        Vintage Band Tie-Dye T-shirts | Retro Rock Band Tee Shirts | Throwback Tie Dye Rock Shirts

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        The Classic Tie-Dye Vintage Band T-Shirt

        This Vintage Band T-Shirt Collection consists of many classic bands such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and Grateful Dead. Any fan of old classic music is bound to love all of the shirts in this collection. This collection even consists of the 1996 Lithuania Men’s Basketball Team T-shirt. This t-shirt came from the team being sponsored by the Grateful Dead, who gave them warmup clothes and stuff they need for the entire Olympics. Lithuania ended up winning bronze that year. You can also find tour t-shirts from Led Zeppelin and Kiss in this collection.

        The Perfect Material and Details

        These Vintage Rock Band Tee Shirts have many details that can be missed by just looking at the pictures. To start off, the Pink Floyd Vintage Shirt has a newspaper article on the font saying Pink Floyd revolutionized the use of electronics in music. On the front of the Led Zeppelin retro T-shirt, is the 1975 US Tour logo with Icarus on it. The Kiss T-Shirt has the 1978 Destroyer Tour Poster on it that is also the Destroyer album cover. Lastly, the Jimi Hendrix Purple Haze T-Shirt has the color purple all over it, obviously signifying the color in the song's name, which is purple.

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