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    We All We Got Speech | Jason Kelce Super Bowl Speech

    We All We Got Speech | Jason Kelce Super Bowl Speech

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    We all we got! We all we need! were the famous words spoken the year of our historic super bowl run. Those words will forever be etched in to our brains. With this Jason Kelce Speech collection, you can have that with you whenever you want. On the steps of the Art Museum, Jason Kelce gave one of the most iconic seeches in Philly history. With lines like Lane Johnson can't lay off the juice or Carosn Wentz didn't go to a division 1 school,  this was one of the greatest moments in Philly history. On these We All We Got items are the lines of him saying what was said of all the players when being doubted. Having a We All We Got speech item on, will show how true of a fan you are of the Philadelphia Eagles and how much you love your team. With items such as a black crewneck, a pullover hoodie, and t-shirt, you are bound to find something you love. There is also a canvas of the speech as well to hang up in your philly man cave. These Kelce Speech Items are the perfect things to wear to your next Eagles game or even to just wear aound the city. Shop now to get your own Jason Kelce Superbowl Speech item toady!