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    What is the history of Black Panther?

    The epic new movie, Black Panther, releasing February 16th 2018 has a lot of people excited to see the radically exciting superhero on the big screen in his own movie adaptation. But what are the origins of the super cool Black Panther hero? 

    Well, Black Panther was originally created by comic-book legends Stan Lee (who is commonly seen cameoing in a variety of Marvel movies) and Jack Kirby. The first appearance of Black Panther was in a Fantastic Four comic book all the way back in the year 1966. Another awesome Black Panther fact is that he was the first black superhero in mainstream comics ever! The February timed release for the Marvel movie is no coincidence as February is Black History Month.

    So where does the Black Panthers name come from?

    "The Black Panther" is a ceremonial title given to the chief or leader of the Panther tribe in the fictional African nation of Wakanda. The Panther is both the ruler of the country of Wakanda and the ruler of all the tribes within Wakanda. While the title of Black Panther is synonymous to the term head of state, it is a hereditary title that is passed on through family yet still involves a series of trials which require the Panther to prove himself.

    T'Chala, son of T'Chaka, is the protagonist who will be followed in the Black Panther movie.


    What powers does Black Panther have?

    In addition to being the Black Panther and leader of Wakanda, T'Chala ate the ceremonial Wakandan heart-shaped herb, which gave him super strength, super endurance, and super reflexes. This herb can only be consumed by Wakandan royalty and also has the ability to elevate T'Chala's senses to super-human levels. The Black Panther can see in complete darkness and hear sounds normal humans cannot. He can even smell fear and detect if someone is lying to him through scent. All these awesome powers make the Black Panther an exciting superhero to watch and follow his storyline. In addition to Black Panther's powers, his outfit is made out of Vibranium, an extremely strong material that causes bullets to not bounce off his suit but completely stop. Keep in mind, Vibranium is the same material that Captain America's Shield is made out of.

    More on the Black Panther Movie

    The Black Panther movie is based on the Black Panther character and comic books created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. The Marvel Black Panther movie stars Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, and Lupita Nyong'o. The movie is set to release on February 16th 2018.

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