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    De Carlo Perez, Boxer DeCarlo Perez

    Who is DeCarlo "3Mendo" Perez?

    DeCarlo “3MENDO” Perez was born in Atlantic City, New Jersey as a pre-mature infant. Suffering from severe heart palpitations and a heart murmur, it was clear that even from birth, Perez was a fighter in every sense of the word.

    All his life, Perez has been shaped into the incredible boxer he is today. From defending himself from childhood bullying, to proving teachers who said he would never be able to read wrong, Perez has always been fighting.

    It wasn’t until Perez saw a boxing match between Marvin Hagler and Roberto Duran, with his grandfather, that Perez realized he had a passion for boxing.

    However, growing up in a troubled home constantly surrounded by drugs and violence did not make that easy. Thanks to the guidance of Perez’s trainer and grandparents, Perez grew up into a respectable man. 

    Perez first put on the gloves when he was 7 years old and from that moment he knew he wanted to be a champion. After winning a huge list of tournaments, Perez realized at a very young age that it didn’t’ matter what happened in one’s past but only what one did on the road ahead of him.

    Zoned in on his craft, the most important things in Perez’s life are his dreams, his family and his career.

    The last few years, DeCarlo “3MENDO” Perez has climbed to the number ONE spot and is relentless on winning his matches. 

    “ I am 3MENDO which in English means Tremendous…I will show the world and people who feel that they have fallen that you can get back up, Regroup and succeed you just have to focus, have faith in yourself, and keep fighting because YOU ARE NEVER OUT OF THE FIGHT”

                -DeCarlo “3MENDO” Perez