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    Direct to garment printing is a new and revolutionary form of t-shirt printing that allows the ultimate image quality to pair with the ultimate apparel quality. A direct to garment printer is essentially a t shirt printing machine. But, DTG printing is not only limited to custom t-shirts. We have the ability to make custom printed shirts, custom hoodies, custom printed crew neck sweaters, and even custom printed shoes! The possibilities are endless. Direct to garment printed shirts bring t shirt design a whole new level. Not only are you able to make your own shirt with your custom logo, but you are also able to use an almost unlimited amount of colors. Unlike screen printing, direct to garment printing has the ability to mix inks and print with a huge amount of different colors without increased cost. This functionality, allows us to print full-color photographs on almost any garment as well as print custom t-shirts with extremely detailed illustrations and designs.



    • We start by working with you to design a custom logo or custom design until you are satisfied with the image's appearance. Our accepting your prepared artwork / photograph.
    • We choose the material that you want to print on. Whether we are printing a custom tee or a custom hoodie it is important to note the texture of the material as well as the color of the fibers.
    • Our graphic designer touches up the image and imports it into our printing software and configures the ink intensity, keeping the type of garment and it's thickness in mind.
    • Once the design is primed and the printer is ready, we begin preparing the garment for print by ironing it.
    • Once the garment is ironed, we load it into our pre-treat machine and apply a coating of pretreat to the garment. The purpose of pretreat fluid is to help the material of the garment to bind with the ink.
    • We dry the pretreat using a heat press with a temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • The garment is then loaded onto the direct to garment printer and centered on the platen. After a quality control check, the printer begins printing the design onto the garment.
    • Once completed, the ink is dried using the same heat press from earlier.
    • After the printing process is complete, the garment undergoes one final round of quality control by our printing technician and then finally presented to the customer.