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    Cap Swag offers a huge variety of custom embroidery to match your custom apparel needs. We began doing custom stitching aka custom embroidery several years ago with a focus mainly on custom embroidered caps, embroidered dad hats,  and embroidered snapback hats. During that time, most of our embroidery business revolved around stitching names onto hats and embroidering custom designs and custom logos on the front of caps. However, as our business grew, over time we began purchasing more embroidery blanks and the small portion of our business that was custom embroidery eventually grew into its own embroidery store. Over time we grew as a business and expanded our embroidery services to also include direct jacket embroidery, Carhart jacket embroidery, leather jacket embroidery, patch embroidery, denim embroidery, polo shirt embroidery, business embroidery, corporate embroidery and much more. Our attention to detail and quality is something that's allowed us to take part in so many various forms of embroidery and have the customer approval that we do.


    Our Refined Embroidery Process

    • We either work with you to create your custom artwork or you give us your custom logo / design. Quality is extremely important in this step. The cleaner the artwork, the better the embroidery outcome.
    • We determine the garment. Embroidery styles depend heavily on the type of material that you are looking to embroider on. The preparation process for embroidering leather and cotton are completely different and include different points of emphasis. We work with you to brainstorm the best location and approach given your garment.
    • We convert your artwork from a typical flat image file into a stitch file that our industrial-grade Tajima embroidery machine can read and understand. This involves plotting the stitches on our computer software by our experienced graphic designers.
    • We stabilize the garment using high-quality fabric in order to ensure the cleanest stitch quality and prepare the item on the embroidery machine.
    • Your digitized logo is imported into our embroidery machine and the logo is centered by the embroidery technician. After one final inspection of the garment, the embroidery machine is run at the optimal stitch per minute speed.
    • Once embroidery is completed, our experienced embroidery technicians perform a quality check in order to assure that the product you receive is the best product possible.