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    Heat transfer vinyl is one of the more commonly known methods of apparel decoration. Vinyl is a plastic-like material that can be cut using a vinyl cutter and applied to virtually any form of clothing. Vinyl is used to decorate custom basketball jerseys, custom football jerseys and virtually any other custom sports jersey material. Vinyl cutting also makes it possible for us to make custom designed car decals with your personal logo or even a custom baseball. While heat transfer vinyl designs come in low quantities of color, one of the advantages to choosing heat transfer vinyl is its variety of applications. Thanks to heat transfer vinyl you can create a custom baseball, custom basketball, custom numbered cleats, custom work out shirt and even a custom car decal. The binding property of heat transfer vinyl make it a great choice for polyester materials. In addition to the wide number of applications, vinyl comes in different styles and appearances ranging from gold foil vinyl , reflective vinyl to even glitter vinyl. If you wanna bring your customization to the next level then custom heat transfer vinyl is what you are looking for.





    • The first step in vinyl cutting is vectorizing an image file. Since vinyl comes in rolls, the artwork must be clean and have relatively few colors in order to be vectorized and color separated. We offer design studio services with our graphic designers. If you don't have your own artwork / logo, we can help you create one in a format that is compatible with our software and machines.
    • Once we have a vectorized version of your logo, we determine the size and application. Vinyl being applied to clothing is different from vinyl being applied to a car window.
    • We then load the required form of vinyl onto our vinyl cutter.
    • The vinyl technician then programs the machine to cut a trace line around the custom logo.
    • Our skilled vinyl technician then cuts out the design and cleans it using a sharp tool. 
    • Finally, the shirt, garment or material that are being pressed are loaded onto our heat press and the vinyl is applied at a heat of about 325 degrees Fahrenheit with varying pressure depending on the details of the job.