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    Mohammed Easmael motivational clothing line. Mohammed Easmael shirts. Mohammed Easmael hats.

    Born in Morocco, an immigrant and a son of immigrants found his passion for business and bettering oneself at a very young age. Growing up in a small Brooklyn neighborhood, opportunities were tough. Immediately, Mohammed realized that in order to survive, you had to hustle. There was no other option. Mohammed got his start in the phone businesses working as a Sales Representative for Nextel. After becoming the number one highest grossing Sales Representatives in the Northeast, year after year, it was time for Mohammed to leave his job and go on to start his own phone accessory business. This was no easy task. Without the money to pay rent for a retail location, Mohammed would go to local gyms and convince the owners to let him set up a table at the front and sell accessories on weekends. As the business grew, Mohammed kept hustling and was eventually able to afford a small table in the outdoor flea market of the Berlin Farmers Market in Berlin, NJ. Business was great at the farmers market, but after hearing about the phenomenon known as the Jersey shore, Mohammed sought a greater opportunity. The following summer, he opened a second cell-phone accessory location in the Surf mall on the Ocean City Boardwalk where Quality Accessories, now called iMedx, can still be found offering the latest in cell-phone accessories and cell-phone repair for iPhones and android phones of any generation. 

    But the story does not end there.

    After realizing the true potential of business at the Jersey shore, Mohammed Easmael had the idea to venture into the headwear retail business. Opening the first Cap Swag location in Ocean City, then the second location in Berlin, New Jersey (inside the farmers market) and finally the Wildwood Boardwalk. Cap Swag is the culmination of Mohammed Easmael's non-stop hustle as it is currently the largest privately owned headwear retail store in the northeast United States. Offering high-end headwear brands like New Era, Mitchell and Ness, 47 brand and more, Cap Swag brings the latest and greatest in snapbacks, fitted hats, dad hats, beanies, bucket hats, and apparel. With a wide selection of streetwear to choose from, as well as, an entire custom apparel division, Mohammed Easmael engineered the Cap Swag experience to be one of the greatest apparel purchasing experiences possible. 

    The Cap Swag custom experience allows you to have a hat custom embroidered on one of our embroidery machines, a shirt custom printed on one of our direct to garment printers, a car decal custom made using our vinyl cutter or a phone case custom made using our sublimation printer. It's Mohammed vision that anybody should be able to start their own brand and business and it is through the "Be Your Brand" venture, we aim to give young, local, up and coming artists, athletes, and entrepreneurs an opportunity to do so.

    "I Hustle, therefore I win." - Mohammed Easmael.


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