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    2008 World Series Fitted Caps | Retro Philadelphia Phillies 59fifty Caps | 2008 World Series 59fifty Hats

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    Our cool 2008 World Series side patch New Era fitted cap collection is for all the stylish and throwback 59fifty New Era fitted hat lovers. These retro New Era fitted caps, recounting the fans to the 2008 World Series, are a must-have for all the celebrated fitted hat collectors, especially the Philadelphia Phillies fans.

    Philadelphia Phillies In MLB 2008 World Series

    One of the two greatest feats for the Philadelphia Phillies, or The Fightins, is their glorious victory in the Major League Baseball (MLB) 2008 World Series. Remarked as one of their finest wins, the 2008 World Series has the greatest memories for all the Phillies fans, thanks to the maestro, Cole Hamels, the MVP of the 2008 World Series, from the Philadelphia Phillies. It ended on 29th October 2008 at the Citizens Bank Park after the Philadelphia Phillies beat the Tampa Bay Rays. The great performance from their team in the 2008 World Series gave the Philadelphia Phillies fans a reason to take pride in supporting the Fighting Phils by sporting these dope vintage 2008 World Series side patch New Era fitted caps.

    Phillies 2008 World Series 59fifty Fitted Caps

    Our dope collection of these retro 2008 World Series side patch new Era fitted caps are considered essential for an average Philadelphia Phillies fans to have in their collection. On the wearer's right side of these 2008 World Series New Era Phillies fitted cap is the 2008 World Series patch, which is the dopest side of this 59fifty fitted cap. Similarly, on the front of this throwback New Era fitted hat is the logo of the Philadelphia Phillies. The backside of this retro Phillies fitted cap has the logo of the Major League Baseball (MLB), and the wearer's left side has the logo of New Era.

    Why The Grey Brim Fitted Caps?

    Most of the Philadelphia Phillies 2008 World Series fitted caps are gray under brim fitted caps. This is because it adds to the retro feel of these 2008 World Series side patch fitted hats, and the fresh grey color is easily used to pass of the glare under the bottom of the brim of these side patch fitted hats. That is the reason why these grey bottom fitted 2008 World Series Philadelphia Phillies side patch fitted caps are popular. But you can always get a different underbrim color than the grey underbrim fitted side patch 59fifty caps.

    So, if you want to live back to the greatest victory of the Philadelphia Phillies, get these retro 2008 World Series Phillies side patch fitted caps from capswag.com now!