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    2018 NBA Draft Hats | On Court 2018 NBA Draft Dad Hats, Snapbacks and Fitteds

    2018 NBA Draft Hats | On Court 2018 NBA Draft Dad Hats, Snapbacks and Fitteds

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         It's that time of year again! Time for one of the most exciting times in basketball, the 2018 NBA Draft. After an exciting 2017-2018 NBA season, it's been exciting to watch the level of skill and talent circulating in the NBA right now. Coming out on top for the second year in a row, the Golden State Warriors swept the Cleveland Cavaliers at the 2018 NBA Finals. Now it's time to bring some new fresh talent into the NBA with the NBA draft 2018. The new basketball 2018 NBA Draft prospects include some talented players like Deandre Ayton who is a center Freshman coming out from Arizona, Mohamed Bamba who is a Freshman Power Forward from Texas, and Marvin Bagley III a Power Forward Freshman from Duke University. The 2018 NBA Draft Order is always an extremely important aspect of the draft since it determines some of the power dynamics in the upcoming NBA season. After winning the lottery, the Phoenix Suns will be the first to pick at the 2018 NBA Draft in Brooklyn New York on Thursday, June 21st. The Phoenix Suns ended the 2018 Season last in the Western Conference with 21 winds and 61 losses. Needless to say, they needed to win the NBA Draft lottery desperately and should benefit from the NBA Draft No. 1 Pick. Following the Suns, the NBA Draft Order goes as follows: Sacremento Kings, Atlanta Hawks, Memphis Grizzlies, and Dallas Mavericks respectively. All of these five teams are in desperate need of some fresh faces and young talent to help lead them through the upcoming 2018-2019 NBA Season and towards the 2019 NBA Playoffs.
         This year the NBA Draft Date 2018 is Thursday, June 21st. The 2018 NBA Draft will be taking place in the Barclays Center which is located in Brooklyn, New York and home to the Brooklyn Nets who finished 12th in the Eastern Conference last season with 28 wins and 54 losses. With the Warriors being such a dominating force in the NBA as they are right now after winning their Sixth NBA Finals victory and Lebron James' future in question, the upcoming season is definitely going to be fun to watch. With this upcoming 2018 NBA Draft ushering in new players, it'll be fun to see how the picks end up playing out. This upcoming NBA Draft is without a doubt going to be one that goes down in NBA Draft History.
         It's your chance to get in on the 2018 NBA Draft with on court 2018 draft hats from New Era. We made sure that our selection of NBA Draft Hats 2018 will help you stay fresh while you support your favorite teams as they welcome new players into the NBA this upcoming draft. Our line-up of New Era Draft Hats 2018 features some great choices like snapbacks, dad hats, and fitted caps. Time to load up on NBA Draft Caps for the 2018 Draft right here at CapSwag!