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        Crystal All Star Game Side Patch Icy Blue Bottom 59Fifty Fitted Cap

        Crystal All Star Game Side Patch Icy Blue Bottom 59Fifty Fitted Cap

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        Stay icy with these extremely exclusive side patch fitted caps featuring embedded crystals. These side patch fitted caps feature all star game patches on the wearer's right side, as opposed to the traditional MLB fitted hats with patches that only feature World Series patches. Another amazing feature of these custom fitted hats with patches is that they feature a custom colored under brim. The under visor of all of these are icy blue, making them baby blue under brim fitted (also referred to as blue brims). 

        Why is the side patch special on these exclusive side patch fitted hats?

        The biggest feature of the side patches on these side patch fitted caps is that throughout the All Star Game side patches, these 59Fifty fitted caps have embedded crystals. These crystals feature mirrors in the back of them with clear glass on top that creates a shiny effect when the light hits them just right. This makes the side patch dynamic and even more eye-catching. 

        What's up with the under brims on these exclusive fitted hats?

        All the under visors on these 59Fifty fitted caps in this collection are icy blue bottoms meaning that they feature a baby blue colored uv that is both stylish and limited edition. Most under visors on 59Fifty fitted caps come in gray, black, or green. Having an icy blue under brim really elevates the 59Fifty fitted caps in this collection and takes them to another level.

        What makes these different from other MLB fitted hats with patches?

        Traditionally, MLB fitted hats with patches are World Series fitted hats meaning they feature a side patch commemorating a World Series that the team either won or appeared in. These 59Fifty side patch fitted caps are different because they all feature All Star Game patches instead of the basic World Sereies patch.