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        Custom Fitted Caps | All Over Patch Embroidery 59FIFTY Fitted Hats

        Custom Fitted Caps | All Over Patch Embroidery 59FIFTY Fitted Hats

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        Experience a New Era 59Fifty Fitted Cap like never before with a custom fitted cap designed exclusively for you, by us. We've taken classic New Era fitted 5950 caps and elevated them to a new plateau with all over patch embroidery to represent things from urban culture from both our favorite cities and iconic individuals. In this collection you'll find custom designed New Era fitted caps that you have never seen before and the reason for that is entirely simple, these custom all over print fitted caps feature all over patches embroidered that were both embellished by us, in the United States on official New Era 5950 Fitted Caps and designed by us and our team. We've sold New Era caps for many years because when it comes to fitted caps, gray bottoms, and 5950s, their commitment to quality has been incredible but we knew we could take it further through storytelling that resonated with individuals that really vibed with the culture that we were emulating. We hope you appreciate the time and energy that it took to create these special, limited released pieces, and we hope that you cherish the story that these all over embroidery patch fitted caps are telling, as much as we have.

        All Over Patch Fitted Caps

        All the New Era fitted caps used in this collection and for any of our custom patch fitteds featuring both all over patch embroidery and other forms of embroidery are official 59fifty caps from New Era that we purchase directly from New Era with team logos embroidered on them. We then take the classic New Era 59Fifty Fitted Cap, and add on our own in-house designed logos for a unique, limited-edition, all over patch fitted cap that is both exclusive, handcrafted in the United States, and has a premium feel to it. Your headwear game will be especially valid with an all over embroidered fitted. All Over Embroidered patch fitted hats have been growing in popularity over the last few months and have been something that we've been seeing more and more in fashion. New Era released a few of their own, that we actually stock on our site as well. Namely, the Dodgers all over patch fitted cap and the Yankees all over patch fitted cap.

        How are the All Over Patch Fitteds Made?

        We purchase New Era 59Fifty Fitted Caps directly from New Era. As an authorized reseller of the New Era line of products, carrying fitted caps, dad hats, snapback hats, and many other styles and silhouettes from 59fiftys to 9fiftys and beyond, we love using a quality hat when it comes to creating a custom product and for that reason, we choose the 59Fifty New Era fitted cap. We then come with a concept or a story that we want to tell. In some cases, that story may be focussing on a certain iconic individual. In other cases, that story may be about the city that the fitted cap represents. Our goal is to add value and exclusivity to these timeless 59fifty fitted caps to create a unique fitted cap featuring all over patch embroidery that will turn heads and cause people to truly admire your hat game.

        Will you be dropping more custom New Era fitteds?

        Yes, we will be releasing a lot of interesting custom New Era fitted caps that take the iconic shape and silhouette of the 59fifty New Era fitted cap and elevating it to a more premium, exclusive, product. An immediate example of that is the existing all over print patch fitted caps that you see in this collection. Another example would be some of the custom 3D foam New Era fitted that we embellish which feature an existing 5950 fitted cap that has a team logo with added 3D lettering around the logo to give it a new meaning. Like the Nipsey Phillies Fitted Cap and the Prolific Dodgers Fitted Cap. We're also planning on eventually dropping some extremely rare and exclusive fitted caps featuring rare metals and precious stones, so be on the look out for that very soon.

        How long will it take for me to get my custom New Era all over patch fitted cap?

        These custom all over patch embroidered New Era 59fifty fitted caps are hand made one at a time by embroidering official licensed New Era fitted caps, patch by patch, panel by panel. For that reason, it may take several business days before your order ships out because the item needs to be manufactured and embellished.