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        MiLB Hispanic Heritage Fitted Caps | Hispanic Minor League Fitteds | MiLB Copa Hats

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        What's cooler than sporting one from our stylish collection of Hispanic heritage fitted caps. The MiLB Hispanic heritage fitted caps became popular after the MiLB's 2017 initiative to promote the sport by connecting the teams to their respective Hispanic and Latino communities. For this reason, these Hispanic minor league fitteds represent the heritage of the relevant Hispanic countries. Each team playing in the MiLB Copa has to adopt a culturally relevant persona with this Hispanic heritage 59fifty fitted caps. For this reason, different culturally relevant names had to be adapted by the Minor League Baseball teams to represent the Hispanic heritage. For this reason, the Reading Fighting Phils became Luchadores de Reading with their luchadores fitted cap to represent the MiLB fans in Mexico. Similarly, the Lehigh Valley IronPigs (Triple-A affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies) became the Lehigh Valley Coquis to represent the Puerto Rico MiLB fans who can now sport the dope coqui fitted cap. 

        Why did we need these MiLB Copa hats?

        These cool MiLB Copa hats were basically launched for the growing number of Hispanic fans for baseball which resulted in the representation of the Hispanic heritage from different teams of the Minor League Baseball. With time, the number of Latinos playing in the MLB and MiLB drastically increased to about 30% of all the players playing. The growing percentage of Latino players playing baseball resulted in the creation of the Copa de la Diversion, which the MiLB Copa, especially for the growing percentage of Latino fans loving baseball. This resulted in the popularity of the Hispanic heritage fitted caps for all our passionate Latino fans.

        How is the heritage represented on these fitted caps?

        While each MiLB team playing in the MiLB Copa represents the Latino fans through the heritage team name, they also represent the heritage through a cultural element while adapting the tradition on their Hispanic heritage fitted caps. For example, the Luchadores de Reading (Reading Fighting Phils) have the logo of a "luchador" (which means "wrestler" in English), on the front of the luchadores fitted cap. Similarly, the Lehigh Valley Coquis (Lehigh Valley IronPigs) have the logo of a "coqui" (which means "frog" in English), on the front of the coqui fitted cap. "Coqui" is the name for different frog species in Puerto Rico, that is why the Lehigh Valley IronPigs 5950 is known as coqui fitted hats.

        Whether you are a Latino 59fifty lover or you roar back to your favorite MiLB Copa team, you have to get one of these Minor League Hispanic heritage fitted caps, only from!