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        Side Patch Fitted Caps | Side Patch New Era Fitted | Fitted Caps With Patches

        Side Patch Fitted Caps | Side Patch New Era Fitted | Fitted Caps With Patches

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        What's better than a classic 59fifty fitted cap? A side patch fitted, of course! Side patch-fitted hats have been around for what seems, a lifetime. Initially, they were mainly worn on the field by professional MLB players during special series face-offs. For example, during the world series playoffs, the team uniforms would be altered to include a world series patch hat that featured a custom embroidered patch specifically designed for the World Series that they were competing in. Eventually, world series fitted hats became popular with fans and became a staple in urban fashion with the biggest rap artists and hip hop stars rocking a world series fitted hat of their own.

        Are all fitted hats with patches grey brim hats?

        Not always! A grey bottom fitted, also known as a gray under brim fitted, refers to a fitted hat made by New Era that has a grey under brim. The under brim is the part of the hat that consists of the material used underneath the front bill of the hat. You'll find in this collection, a lot of different fitted caps with side patches. While, every hat in this collection is a fitted side patch hat from New Era, not all of them are grey brim fitteds. Traditionally, over time, many people have preferred the classic grey brim fitted hats because they were the initial design that New Era put forward for the New Era 59Fifty Fitted Cap. Nowadays, however, we're able to create custom 59fifty hats that feature all different types of under brims / bottoms. In this section you'll find a wide variety of under brim material colors that differ from the traditional new era grey brim. You'll find new era patch hats that have icy blue brims / icy blue bottoms, pink brims / pink bottoms, red brims / red bottoms, green brims / green bottoms, or even orange brims / orange bottoms. It is very important to note that when we say grey brim fitted, we are not referring to a two-tone fitted cap where the crown of the fitted cap is one color and the brim is another, we are referring to the under brim, so grey brim fitted is synonymous with grey bottom fitted hats or grey under brim fitted.

         Are only MLB fitted hats with patches?

        While a majority of the fitted hats side patch New Era 59Fifty fitted caps are featuring MLB teams and MLB patches, you can sometimes see side patch new era hats that are not world series fitted caps. A side patch new era fitted could easily feature something from the NFL or another league. However, traditionally, a side patch fitted hat is mostly something reservered for MLB teams because of nostalgia reasons. A fitted hat with patch is something that sparks memories from the 90s and prior that for some reason always looks cool no matter what else you're wearing.

        Whether you're looking for a fitted with patch or fitted hats side patch caps from New Era, this collection will make sure you find exactly what you're looking for.