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        Upside Down Logo Hats | MLB Upside Down Logo Hats | New Era

        Upside Down Logo Hats | MLB Upside Down Logo Hats | New Era

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        Upside Down Logo Hats

        Add some style to your cap collection with this all new line up of upside down logo hats. These upside down logo hats New Era has been putting out recently have gotten some cap connoiseurs extremely hype, and others, extremely confused. This collection features our selection of MLB upside down logo hats. Every hat features a traditional MLB logo embroidered on the front except with an added twist, the logo is upside down.

        Upside Down Logo Hats Meaning

        Ever since the upside down logo hats started making a splash on the scene, people have been wondering what is the upside down logo meaning? Well to be honest, I don't know if the upside down logo hats meaning even exists, in my eyes it could have been one of two things that led to the creation of upside down logo hats. Either they were some production defect where logos were accidentally stitched upside down, that later turned into a global trend by some freak accident, or they were just a stylistic choice made by New Era's design team because lets be real, Upside Down logo hats are fire.

        Upside Down Logo Fitted Hat

        All the hats we offer are upside down logo fitted hats, meaning the upside down logo is stitched on a New Era 59Fifty Fitted Cap. The 59Fifty is a classic silhouette for New Era and is a timeless headwear classic. Nothing feels more premium than a fitted cap, especially when it's an upside down logo fitted cap.